Uber Entertainment’s ‘Toy Rush’ is Now Available

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For those living in the US like us, it can be kind of rough as we’re among the very last to get access to the App Store’s weekly releases due to how time zones work. So, as we watch our international pals playing all the cool new games throughout the day, we’re stuck just kind of twiddling our thumbs. However, each week there’s usually at least one game that “jumps the gun" and comes out early, and this week that game is Uber Entertainment’s tower defense game Toy Rush (Free).

Calling Toy Rush just a tower defense game isn’t really doing it justice, as it’s also a tower offense game and there’s a whole collectible card game thing going on. Plus it’s all topped off with a brilliant, whimsical art style that would make even the most serious adult feel like a kid again. Toys are just plain cool, ok? If you’ve been waiting for Toy Rush you can grab it for free at the link below, and leave your impressions in the thread in our forums.

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