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‘JoyJoy’ is the Latest Arcade Shooter from RadianGames, Launching this Thursday for $1.99

You know who makes awesome arcade shooters? RadianGames. Games like Ballistic SE, Inferno+ and Fireball SE have found success on the App Store, giving players copious doses of particle effects, bullets and enemies. Their latest effort is called JoyJoy, a game previously released on Xbox Live Indie Games several years back, but revamped for a mobile release. It follows in the same tradition of Radian’s previous shooters, and as the developer explains of his own game, “JoyJoy is a colorful and challenging twin-stick shooter with lots of upgrades, weapons, difficulty levels, and explosions." I’m totally on board. Here’s a trailer for JoyJoy.

If that trailer got your blood pumping, then here’s some good news: You won’t have to wait long for JoyJoy as it’s set to launch this week on May 15th at a price of $1.99. Like other RadanGames games, JoyJoy will feature solid virtual dual-stick controls, but if you’re more of a physical controls type of gamer it will also support iOS 7 MFi controllers. I love RadanGames so I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on JoyJoy later this week. Also, for some discussion hit up the forum thread for JoyJoy.