Biff Steals Almanac, ‘Soul Calibur’ is Now a Free to Play Card Battler on iOS

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A new super-weird game just hit the App Store, sliding in early Thursday morning instead of the standard Wednesday night like everyone else. It’s called Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul (Free) and it’s about the strangest interpretation of the Soul Calibur series you could think of. Unlike the many Street Fighter games on the App Store which do a surprisingly decent job at bringing what feels like a real fighting game to touch devices, the powers that be at Namco decided to not only release a new Soul Calibur game as a free to play title packed with gems to buy, but they also removed all the technical elements from the game save just mashing what moves you want to do at the bottom of the screen.

The original PlayStation game had an intro that was so epic it gave you chills, and it’s kind of sad to see what the series has become now. Replacing actually fighting like a normal fighting game with card battler mechanics is an odd move, especially considering virtual controls work fine in other games (even the original Dreamcast port which is on the App Store). But, hey, whatever. I guess if you really like what Namco did with the similarly strange fighting game turned card battler Tekken Arena (Free), give this one a shot?

Stuff like this sort of makes you feel like we’re stuck in the bad App Store timeline, doesn’t it? How do we get the almanac back and fix this mess? Would it help if we all bought the original Soul Calibur ($14.99) instead?

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