‘Star Wars Pinball’ Heroes Within Table Pack Now Available

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As we learned just over a month ago, Zen Studios has been hard at work on four new Star Wars themed tables for Star Wars Pinball ($1.99) and Zen Pinball (Free) iOS games. Today, those new tables have gone live in both versions of the game. The four new tables include: a Han Solo table, an Episode IV: A New Hope table, a Droids table featuring C-3PO and R2-D2, and a Masters of the Force table featuring both good and evil characters form the Star Wars universe. Here’s a brand new launch trailer showing off a bit of each new table.

As fans already know, Zen Studios are experts at embracing the “video game" nature of their digital pinball tables, adding fancy visuals and gameplay elements that simply wouldn’t be possible in real life. They’re also great at utilizing their various licenses, and these new Star Wars tables are dripping with fan service. Each new table is available for $1.99 per table through both the standalone Star Wars Pinball app and in the all-encompassing Zen Pinball app. Don’t hesitate to add them to your collection, as there may be dire consequences if you don’t.

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