Fun Fact: You Can Transfer Your PC ‘FTL’ Save to iPad

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Alright, so admittedly this FTL: Faster Than Light ($9.99) tip would’ve been way more useful about a month ago when the game launch and we reviewed it… But, hey, better late than never. As posted on the Gaming side of Stack Exchange, transferring your Mac/PC save file in to the iPad game is as easy as finding the right save file on your computer, using iFunBox on Windows or iExplorer on Mac, and putting it in the right spot.

Since the save files are fully compatible, you can just move them around as long as you put them in the right location. Head over to Stack Exchange for the full explanation, directory structure, and more. The only tricky part of this all is figuring out which you want to be your “main" FTL save. I’m in this annoying spot right now where I have distinctly different unlocks on both my iPad and PC… Now to scour Stack Exchange for a way to merge save files, then we’d really be talking.

Thanks, SynthOrange!

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