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Backflip’s Colorful Puzzler ‘Dwarven Den’ Launching on May 1st

The latest title from DragonVale developer Backflip Studios, Dwarven Den, is scheduled to launch worldwide on iOS on May 1st, the studio announced today. Dwarven Den stars dwarves with hearty beards who must navigate through maze-like levels by mining through various types of blocks and figuring out environmental puzzles, all while collecting loot and avoiding hazards and monsters. Check out the official trailer.

Dwarven Den has been soft-launched in Canada since February, and our own Eli Hodapp even streamed that soft-launch version when we returned from GDC last month. Be sure to check out the video of that stream for more, as well as the thread in our forums for early impressions from other soft-launchers. And mark your calendars for May 1st when Dwarven Den hits App Stores worldwide for free.