Latest ‘Junk Jack X’ Update Adds an Easter Theme, a Chemistry Lab and Pets

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Earlier this month, Junk Jack X ($4.99) developer Pixbits teased a new pet functionality that was set to hit their crafting and exploration heavy adventure game. Today that update has arrived, and not only does it contain pets but in true Pixbits fashion it’s stuffed with tons of additional new content and features. Pixbits has always been pretty good with holiday-related updates, and with Easter just around the corner this new update contains Easter and Spring items to discover. In addition to that, there’s now a new chemistry system which lets you mix and match various potions for different effects.


The new Chemistry Lab sounds pretty deep, with roughly six thousand different combinations of things to create. There’s also plenty of new blocks and items related to the new pet system, which has sixteen different animals that you can find, tame and then have follow you around during your adventuring. As with any Junk Jack X update, the list of new features is extensive, so if you want to dig into the details the full change log is available on the Pixbits blog or in the update text in the App Store. Now, get out there, craft some potions and find yourself a new pet!

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