‘Canabalt’ Creator Adam Saltsman’s Flappy Jam Entry ‘Flappybalt’ Hits the App Store

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Everybody’s doing a Flappy Bird clone nowadays. Noodlecake surprised us last week with the excellent Flappy Golf (Free) and even our own Eli Hodapp is starring in his own game called Hodappy Bird. This might seem like a joke but it isn’t. And no, you’re not the only one wondering if the world has gone insane.

The latest impressive version of Flappy Bird was made by Adam Saltsman that you may know from the excellent runner Canabalt ($2.99). During the Flappy Jam he went on to develop Flappybalt (Free) a mash-up between Flappy Bird and Canabalt. Released on Github as an open source game it was just a matter of time before someone ported it over to iOS and Android. Well today you can play Flappybalt thanks to Steve Richey. It’s free, without any kind of IAPs so if you’re into Flappy games (I guess that’s a genre now?) download it right now. Don’t forget to flap over to this thread and share your impressions with the community. I might have to start working on Flappy Cow now…

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    A port of Adam Atomic's Flappy Jam game for iOS. Open source! Free! No in-app anything, just flap or don't. Features: -…
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