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GDC 2014: Rocketcat’s ‘Wayward Souls’ Might Actually, Finally Be Close to Finished (and It Looks Amazing)

Rocketcat Games make some of my favorite iOS titles, and ever since they announced a spinoff to their action RPG Mage Gauntlet (Free) at last year’s GDC, I’ve been dying to get my hands on a finished version. However, it’s been a longer development cycle than Rocketcat expected, and it’s seen several versions and name changes in the two and a half years since they began working on it. The bright side is that all that extra development time means the game, now known as Wayward Souls, is absolutely stuffed with crazy features, enemies, items and playable characters. Rocketcat’s always entertaining Kepa Auwae walks us through a lengthy demo of the latest version of Wayward Souls. Enjoy.

As I mentioned in the opening and we touched on in our conversation, Wayward Souls has a lot of depth in terms of character progressions and sheer variety of enemies and environments. By Kepa’s own admission, it’s a very niche and difficult game, but I think there’s definitely an audience on iOS who will absolutely fall in love with Wayward Souls. The goal is to submit the game and have it release before PAX begins on April 11th, so if all goes according to plan, we’ll finally be playing Wayward Souls in the next few weeks (fingers firmly crossed).