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The Next ‘Angry Birds’ Game Will Apparently Be a Turn-based Role-playing Game

Rovio has lifted the lid off of the new Angry Birds game that they began teasing just a few days ago. It’s called Angry Birds Epic, and get ready for this: it’s a turn-based role-playing game. Seriously. The news comes courtesy of Kotaku, who also notes that the game will have an extensive crafting system, where players will make their own armor, potions and weapons. The not-so-bright side of that crafting system is that apparently you’ll use resources earned in-game or you could just, you know, buy them with real life money through IAP.


Here’s hoping that the whole IAP thing doesn’t hamper what otherwise sounds like a really interesting take on the world of Angry Birds. We should have a pretty good idea of what Angry Birds Epic will be like later this week, as it’s set to soft-launch in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the previous teaser video detailed. Following that soft-launch period, however long it may be, Angry Birds Epic will launch worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We’ll have more once Angry Birds Epic soft-launches, so stay tuned.