Square Enix Launching ‘Rise of Mana’ in Japan Later this Week

There’s a new entry in Square Enix’s beloved Secret of Mana ($7.99) series coming out in Japan this week, and it will be a free to play mobile game. It’s called Rise of Mana, and appears to be a fully 3D action RPG similar to the recent Final Fantasy III and IV remakes. In fact, visually Rise of Mana looks really awesome. Check out the non-English trailer for it.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on if Rise of Mana will release outside of Japan. Circle of Mana, a card-based RPG  and the most recent game in the Mana series, launched in Japan last year but never made it to the US, so it’s uncertain if Rise of Mana ever will either. We’ll of course keep our eye on the situation and if Rise of Mana looks like it will be getting a Western release we’ll let you know.

Update: As pointed out to me on Twitter by @FuurinRei, Rise of Mana is Trademarked in Europe, so an English translation may be in the cards after all. Neat!