Coming Tonight: ‘Tengami’, ‘Bug Heroes 2’, ‘Mad Skills Motocross 2’ and Tons More

It’s Wednesday morning and time to do the new iOS games dance again. If you’re new to all this, games come out in the New Zealand App Store first thanks to the magic of iTunes regions (As it’s Thursday there now) and slowly trickle out over the rest of the world before landing in the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern.

So, this gives us early blips on our new game radar for what to expect tonight beyond things we already know are scheduled to be released.


Here’s what we’re expecting tonight:

As usual, this might not be all the games that are coming tonight. There’s usually all sorts of stragglers that eventually get caught which we roll into the “Out Now" post around 11:00 PM Eastern. Also, if any of these games sound interesting, I’ll be streaming them all on Twitch at 4:00 PM Eastern!