Freebie Alert: ‘Stellar Wars’ Gets a Huge Update and Goes Free to Celebrate

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This past November, Liv Games debuted the latest entry in their “Wars" series with the sci-fi strategy title Stellar Wars ($0.99). Today the game has received a massive new update, and to celebrate the game is now temporarily free for the first time ever. This trilogy of games began with Legendary Wars ($0.99) back in early 2011. While predominantly a castle defense game, Legendary Wars actually stuffed a bunch of different kinds of genres into its lengthy campaign, along with a humorous story and killer visuals. It all blended together incredibly well, and was so full of content it easily kept us busy until the next game in the series, Monster Wars ($0.99), launched in early 2012, almost exactly a year later.

Monster Wars brought back all the good things from the first release as well as adding in a bunch of cool new stuff, and it gave players a chance to play the game from the bad guys’ perspective which was a really cool touch. It tied in so nicely with Legendary Wars that the two games felt like perfect compliments to each other, almost like they were one whole game split into two different parts.

Stellar Wars is a bit different. It’s like the culmination of everything that Liv Games learned from developing Legendary Wars and Monster Wars, finely polished and filled with more content than either of them. It also includes the most new ideas and gameplay styles, all wrapped up in a new sci-fi theme. I love all three games for many different reasons, but if I was forced to pick which one I thought was the “best" overall, it’d be Stellar Wars. The launch version of Stellar Wars was already quite a package, but today’s update adds even more challenges to the mix, which you can catch a glimpse of in this latest trailer.

No matter what kinds of games you’re normally into, there’s a pretty good chance that Stellar Wars will scratch that itch in some fashion. It’s a really great collection of different gameplay mechanics, but works so well because of the way it combines it all into an overarching story and sense of progression. For free, it’s a total no-brainer. If you like what you see then I can also recommend checking out Legendary Wars or Monster Wars as well, though I imagine it will take you a good while to work your way through what Stellar Wars has to offer first. Be sure to check it out during the free promotion, or check in on the forum thread for even more impressions and discussion.

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