‘Flappy Bird’ Invades ‘Badland’ in an All-out Flap-fest

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Love him or hate him (her?), Flappy Bird (Free) is all the rage right now. Everybody and their mother, brother, family dog and anyone else you can think of is at the very least downloading the game to see what all the fuss is about. Among those who were curious to Flappy Bird’s magnetic draw were developer Frogmind, creators of the excellent “flap-former" Badland ($2.99).

Well, Frogmind gave Flappy Bird a go, and it doesn’t sound like it went so well. In fact, it sounds like Frogmind was looking to exact some revenge on poor Flappy for causing them so much frustration. How do they go about doing that? By dropping Flappy into the buzz saw-laden world of Badland, that’s how. As Frogmind puts it, “After a few (hundred) frustrating rounds of Flappy Bird, we felt justified to invite him to an unofficial tour of hard times in Badland."

It’s funny, and it never occurred to me before, but the same awkward physics and herky-jerky flapping that makes Flappy Bird so compelling and frustrating to play can also be applied to Badland to a certain degree. Part of the fun of Badland is that you don’t ever fully feel like you’ve got control, you’re just flying by the seat of your pants and hoping for the best. While this video is just Frogmind having some fun, I’d love if there were a legit crossover promotion, as I wouldn’t mind sending little Flappy through the meat grinders myself.


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