‘Republique’ Season Pass In-app Purchase Discounted Down to 99¢

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Republique (Free), the stealth-based adventure from developer Camouflaj, has just dropped the price of their in-app season pass from $14.99 all the way down to 99¢. According to a post in our forums, the drastic price reduction is an effort to fulfill obligations to Kickstarter backers. Republique is an episodic game with five parts planned, and you can either purchase additional episodes separately or pre-purchase them all for a discount by buying a season pass.

Kickstarter backers were promised the full game as a reward, but there’s no way through Apple’s App Store system to give away mass quantities of a digital item like that. And, while you can generate up to 100 promo codes to give away copies of an app at no cost, no such system exists for in-app content, and besides that there are thousands of Kickstarter backers who are owed copies of the game, so 100 just wouldn’t cut it.

Camouflaj’s best option is to drop the in-app season pass to as low as possible, 99¢, and tell those backers to download it while it’s at that price. If there are those who do take issue with having to spend a dollar for something that was supposed to be free, then they’ll be able to seek reimbursement from Camouflaj through PayPal.

This is obviously not the most ideal solution to handling this problem, but there’s not really any better options with how Apple’s App Store currently operates. And the App Store is a completely open place, things like price drops are there for all to see and there’s no way to ensure that only a certain group of people download something. So, if you’re a backer of Republique then hopefully this solution works for you, but even if you’re not, the season pass is only a buck right now if you’ve been on the fence about it.

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