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Square Enix Looks to Take On ‘Clash of Clans’ with Upcoming RTS ‘Dragon Sky’

Supercell’s Clash of Clans (Free) is one of the most popular iOS games in existence, and naturally everyone and their brother are trying to get in on the action with their own versions of the “social RTS." Now it looks like you can add Square Enix to that list, as a post over at NeoGaf has unearthed an upcoming RTS from them called Dragon Sky which sounds quite similar to the Clash of Clans formula where you’ll build up your own base and attack the bases of opponents online. In addition, you’ll be able to team up with other players to take down massive raid bosses, and there will be a single-player component with an accompanying story to play through.


There is an official Japanese website set up for Dragon Sky where this information comes from, and the game is said to be “coming soon" to both iOS and Android. There’s more information on Dragon Sky in the NeoGaf thread including additional screens and a breakdown of the main characters, and once we have any news from Square Enix when the game will launch or even if it is planned for a Western release we’ll be sure to let you know.