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Disney Announces New Star Wars Mobile Game, ‘Star Wars: Assault Team’

What’s a Tuesday morning without a super-vague teaser announcement of a game from a ultra-popular IP featuring nothing more than a screenshot that tells us practically nothing about said game? Well, that’s the case here, as Disney’s Twitter announcement of Star Wars: Assault Team leaves just about everything to the imagination.


The art looks a lot like Star Wars Force Collection (Free), a resoundingly just-OK Star Wars themed virtual collectable card game that never took off in our forums, largely because the incredible load times were very off putting. Regardless, it seems at least reasonably safe to assume that Assault Team is going to be a free to play game, and judging by the screenshot, my money is on card battling mechanics… But it’s not like either of those things are particularly astute observations, and rather just going off the obviousness of Disney pay models and the format of the screenshot.

But, hey, at least with big publishers like this they don’t typically give much lead time between announcement and release, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Star Wars: Assault Team soft launched, if nothing else, incredibly soon.