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‘Wayward Saga’ Still Coming Along, New Work-in-progress Video Footage Appears

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waywardsagalogoWayward Saga, the spinoff to Rocketcat Games’ excellent action-RPG Mage Gauntlet (Free), was originally announced more than two years ago. (It also used to be called Mage Dungeon, and then simply Wayward, before finally arriving at Wayward Saga. Just FYI.) Game development is a messy endeavor though, and additional projects as well as other outside factors have slowed down the progress on Wayward Saga. Our last real look at it was at GDC this past year, where Rocketcat’s Kepa Auwae walked us through some of the ins and outs of the game, and we thought it looked great. However, during the rest of 2013 Wayward Saga development picked up again, and most recently Rocketcat mentioned on their Facebook page that they’re shooting for a January or February release. They’ve also released some new work-in-progress footage, which you can see below.

The video description notes that Wayward Saga is finally feature-complete, and at this point they’ll just be spending a few weeks fixing bugs and making tweaks before submitting the final version. I really loved Mage Gauntlet, and can hardly believe that it’s been more than two years since its release. I have high hopes for Wayward Saga, and once some more concrete information is available regarding a release date we’ll let you know. Also be sure to check out our forums for more discussion.

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