Original ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ Gets One Last Update Adding 30 New Levels and Final Boss Fight

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Rovio has just release a new update to the original Angry Birds Star Wars, and it appears as if it will be the last update for the game. Not surprising really, since Angry Birds Star Wars II (Free) launched this past September and has taken over its predecessor in the charts.

This final update ties up things nicely though, featuring 15 new levels that take place on a massive Star Destroyer followed by 15 more new levels which take place on the Death Star itself. That all culminates with a final boss battle against “Lard" Vader and the Emperor, and should you defeat them, you’ll find out who is behind the mask of Lard Vader.

Despite how you may feel towards the whole Angry Birds phenomenon of the last several years, it’s hard to argue with just how much bang you get for your buck (or three) with all of the various Angry Birds releases. Rovio has liberally updated all of them over the course of their lifespans, and I’m particularly happy with all the Angry Birds Star Wars love as I really enjoy the mashup of the two brands. If you’ve dug the original Angry Birds Star Wars too, then grab the latest update and finish the fight.

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