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New ‘Cut the Rope 2’ Video Released, ‘Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift’ Returns to the App Store for Free

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Last week we learned that Cut the Rope 2 would be heading to iOS on December 19th, and would feature new mechanics as well as a group of helper characters to accompany OmNom on his latest adventure. Today, IGN has learned some new details about Cut the Rope 2 as well as secured the first video of the intro of the game, which introduces these helper characters who are known as Nommies. Also, they’ve learned that Cut the Rope 2 will be priced at 99¢, and that the iOS exclusivity will be fairly short-lived as the game is set to come to Android in early 2014 as a free-to-play title.

In related Cut the Rope news, ZeptoLab’s seasonal holiday-themed spinoff Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (Free) has returned to the App Store as a free download in time for the holidays. Holiday Gift originally launched back in December of 2010, and features a short selection of levels with Christmas trees and special stockings which you can drop a candy in and see it pop out of another stocking somewhere else in the level, teleporter-style. There’s also a greeting card feature that lets you snap a photo with OmNom and send it out to friends and family.

If you haven’t played it in previous years, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is a nice freebie that’s totally worth checking out. And set your clocks for December 19th when Cut the Rope 2 arrives in the iOS App Store for 99¢.


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