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‘Walking Dead: The Game’ Season Two Hitting Consoles and PC This Month, iOS Version Sometime Later

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The highly-anticipated second season of Walking Dead: The Game (Free) is set to hit PC and consoles this month, with the iOS and Vita versions hitting “further down the line" according to a report from Polygon. Telltale Games revealed the news on their Twitter feed, along with the screenshot seen below which reveals another returning character from the previous season along with the already confirmed return of Clementine.


The original five-part first season of Walking Dead: The Game is simply one of the most incredible adventure games in recent memory. The 400 Days expansion pack that released back in July fleshed out various bits of the universe as a way to mitigate the long wait between the end of season one and the beginning of season two, and was of similar high quality. If you haven’t played Walking Dead: The Game yet I highly recommend you check out the free download and give it a spin. I can almost guarantee you’ll be hooked, and you can buy episodes either individually at your own pace or at a discounted price in a bundle. We’re excited to get a crack at season two, which was last teased with a trailer in October, and as soon as there’s a more specific date for the iOS version we’ll be sure to let you know.


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