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‘Fates Forever’ Gets Massive Investment and New Champion

We’ve been posting about Fates Forever for quite a while now here on TouchArcade. It’s been an interesting project to watch for numerous reasons- First off, the creator of the now-defunct iOS in-game leaderboard and pseudo-social network framework OpenFeint, Jason Citron, is behind the wheel. Additionally, it’s always fun to follow platform specific games, and they’re dumping a lot of effort and cash into the development of this tablet-exclusive MOBA. How much money? Well, the developers just announced that they cleared an additional $8.2 million dollars from Benchmark Capital who was actually the first major investor in Riot- The developers of the massively popular free to play Mac/PC MOBA League of Legends.

The similarities with Riot don’t end there, check out the eerily similar Champion Spotlight-style videos they’re doing. The above video is revealing their rogue-like rabbit Cottontail. They’ve even got a YouTube playlist filled with the rest of their champions, which as of this writing are limited to a tanky warthog and a caster mole.

Fates Forever is still in development, and I’m stoked to see what they spend their newfound millions on.