‘Farming Simulator 14’ Begins Harvesting Dollars On The App Store

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If you’re the kind of person who finds the idea of managing a farm oddly compelling but hate the over-simplification found in games like Hay Day (Free), boy do I have a game for you. It’s called Farming Simulator 14 (Free), and if you fancy yourself as someone who loves an in-depth sim regardless of how silly its premise might be, this is the game for you.

The biggest addition over Farming Simulator 2012 ($1.99) seems to be the inclusion of open world multiplayer, although it’s limited to local play at the moment. Regardless, it sounds like a ton of fun- Both actually teaming up with friends to farm as well as… Well, any other crazy objective you can come up with inside of the game world. Tractor races? WHY NOT!

Stay tuned for a deeper look into the game once we have time to harvest some crops.

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