Coming Tonight: ‘Oceanhorn’, ‘Epoch 2’, ‘Tilt to Live 2’, ‘Football Manager Handheld 2014’ and More

Hold on to something sturdy, as it seems like this week is the start of the holiday season release game-nado (The third cousin to a Sharknado) and I’m only sure next week will be crazier, as well as the week after that, before we hit critical mass just before Christmas. That’s how it has worked in previous years, anyway. Like last week, I expect this is merely scratching the surface of what eventually gets released tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern.

Here’s forum threads for what’s on our radar right now:

Be sure to check out what our community is saying about these games if you’re interested in any of them, and stay tuned for gameplay videos as well as a massive listing of what does finally end up coming out later tonight.