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Playdek and Wizards of the Coast as Bringing ‘Lords of Waterdeep’ to iOS

Even though I’ve never played the Lord of Waterdeep board game, I’m ridiculously excited for Wizards of the Coast to get deeper into the world of iOS- If only for the foolish hopes of an eventual real Dungeons & Dragons apps (Like virtual books, character creator, etc.) or an iOS Magic the Gathering Online client. While those things might never come, what we do have is a company renown for making great physical game ports teaming up with companies with great IP… And that’s something worth being excited for.

Check out the trailer:

Additionally, be sure to check out this video that actually goes over how the game is played. The above trailer doesn’t do the best job of that:

Lords of Waterdeep is scheduled to be released “this month," and while a price has yet to be announced, I can almost promise it’ll be significantly less than the $34.99 the physical board game costs.