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Upcoming Sci-Fi FPS ‘Neon Shadow’ Launches Next Week, New Trailer Released

Back in early August we checked out a trailer for Neon Shadow, an upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter from Tasty Poison and Crescent Moon. The trailer in question showed a very interesting same-device multiplayer mode on the iPad, which pitted players against one another face-to-face by each taking control of one half of the screen. It looked like it had the potential to be a really cool feature. Beyond just that, Neon Shadow looked like an awesome shooter overall, and I’ve really been looking forward to its completion. Well good news for me and anyone who felt similarly, as today Crescent Moon announced that Neon Shadow will be available next week on November 14th, and have released a brand new trailer.

Seeing as Tasty Poison created one of my favorite dual-stick shooters on the App Store, Pocket RPG (Free), I’m pretty confident they know what makes for a fun game and will translate that knowhow into the first-person shooter genre with Neon Shadow. I’m really loving the visual style and cyberpunk theme, so I’m hoping the controls and gameplay come through as well. At least it won’t be long until we can find out, so keep an eye out for Neon Shadow to hit the App Store next week, and check out what people in our forums are saying about the game pre-release.