‘Backflip Madness’ Gets the Recognition it Deserves via YouTuber PewDiePie

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The App Store top charts are a weird place, especially in this brave new world of Chart Boost, paid installs, and the myriad of other schemes developers are using to catapult their games up to the top. You might’ve noticed over the weekend that Backflip Madness ($0.99) shot up from seemingly out of nowhere. We were crazy for the game when it was released earlier this year, posting a review, TA Plays video, and hidden trick guide in quick succession… But, without any recent updates or other noteworthy traditional reason that’d cause a surge in popularity, we were pretty confused by its place at #1.

It turns out, the promotional power of top YouTubers is rivaled by nothing else I’ve seen. YouTube mega star PewDiePie has over fifteen million subscribers, and the following video is all it took for Backflip Madness to be catapulted up the App Store charts:

…To which I say, awesome. Backflip Madness is an amazingly fun game, and I couldn’t be happier to see it getting the attention it deserves. Definitely give it a download if you haven’t already.

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