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Mika Mobile Reveal ‘Battleheart’ Sequel, ‘Battleheart Legacy’

The original Battleheart ($2.99) is a game that since its release in 2011 has been often imitated but never duplicated. As we detail in our review, its tap and drag interface allows you to handle some pretty complex battles, complete with multiple party members, all without feeling cumbersome. It’s a great game that you should really check out, but it always came with the caveat of, “I wish this game was just slightly more fleshed out.” Well, that’s where the sequel comes in. It’s called Battleheart Legacy and it’s not only in 3D this time around, but it also seems to be a significantly more feature complete RPG overall.

Check out the trailer:

Battleheart Legacy has been in the works for two years now, and while Mika Mobile isn’t ready to get that specific on release dates, it sounds like they’re looking at early next year.