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‘Dungeon Keeper’ Soft Launches on the Canadian App Store

First Tiny Death Star, now Dungeon Keeper– Today seems like the day for soft launching your free to play game before it takes the world by storm. We’ve already had some extensive hands-on time with the game, and now both actual Canadians as well as “Canadians" who are ambitious enough to Google instructions for setting up a Canadian iTunes account can play.


As we’ve mentioned on the podcast, it’s always really difficult to preview these kind of free to play games as it’s so hard to gauge the gameplay to wait time ratio. Typically, you’re playing a build that has millions of the various in-game currency (Which you can see in the above screenshot they’re using for iTunes!) and you’re encouraged to just skip every roadblock using it. So, even if you’re not Canadian, the forum thread is going to be interesting to keep an eye on as our community starts playing the game.