TA Plays First Look: ‘Rollabear’ – Now This is a Unique Premise

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I feel like way too often we find ourselves saying, “Oh, it’s another one of these." That’s a phrase that’s absolutely impossible for anyone to utter when referring to Rollabear. Basically, you play as a bear, in a laundromat, who crawls into dryers to be teleported to the woods where you fling yourself with a slingshot, pick up fish that allow you to time travel, and then finally bowl into lumberjacks set up like bowling pins. It’s like someone sat down with a super-creative five year old and asked, “OK, what game should we make," and then they executed on it 100%. I… Yeah. It’s crazy.

Rollabear is already out, and I seriously recommend giving it a shot if for no reason other than to support crazy game concepts. People in our forums dig it too, if you need that extra push over the edge.

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