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Two New ‘Fright Fight’ Characters Displayed in Brief Teaser Videos

If you’ve been following along with the development of Fright Fight, an upcoming arena-based fighter from AppSolute Games, you’ll remember we originally covered the game’s announcement in late June, followed by a brief look at an alpha version of the game in early July. A couple of weeks back we got a very quick look at one of the game’s characters, Mercy the Vampire, with promise that additional characters would be unveiled in the coming days. Since then AppSolute has released two more videos, the first a look at Grim the Reaper and the newest a look at Debo the Bigfoot. Check ’em out.

Now, I know these videos are ultra teaser-y, but I’m still digging how Fright Fight is looking so far. There is still one more character reveal that we know of, which will be for the Werewolf character, and Fright Fight is set to enter beta testing early next month. Hopefully testing goes smoothly and we’ll all be pounding away at these classic horror characters in the not too distant future, but until then check out what people in our forums have been saying about the game.