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TA Plays First Look: ‘Fading Faitytales’ – A Complex Game With an Oddly Cute Art Direction

Don’t let the cute art style of this game fool you, as it’s an oddly deep tactical battler set in a view point that might feel more like a castle defense game. In fact, depth-bombs seem to be everywhere, to the point that our initial ten minutes with the game hardly seems to do it justice. I can only imagine getting deeper into the game and the whole party attack timeline thing at the bottom becoming very, very important.

Fading Fairytales should be available tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern, or earlier if you’re in a different iTunes region. Take a look at the thread in our forums if you want to see what our community has been saying about the game throughout its international release cycle today.

International App Store Link: Fading Fairytales, Free