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TA Plays First Look: ‘Drop That Candy’ – Earn Stars Tapping Candies

This game is a little weird in that it’s a puzzler, but it doesn’t seem possible to lose. You’re tapping on screen to remove groups of candies in as few taps as possible- But even if you go hog wild tapping candies you still pass levels. I guess you do need to earn stars to unlock additional level packs, but even then it seems pretty easy. Maybe it gets trickier in the other two included level packs, but the first one didn’t show much promise in the difficulty department.

Drop That Candy should be available tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern, or earlier if you’re in a different iTunes region. Take a look at the thread in our forums if you want to see what our community has been saying about the game throughout its international release cycle today.

International App Store Link: Drop That Candy, $2.99