‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Bastion’ Get Updates for iOS 7 Controller Support

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We’ve been really into everything to do with iOS 7 game controllers, as the idea is really exciting to us- Especially now that we’re seeing big name games getting controller support. It seems really odd to me that both Telltale and Warner Bros. just said to their respective dev teams, “Hey guys, what are you doing today? Nothing? Let’s add controller support." Instead, this smells of what might be the start of a much bigger push from Apple to get the “AAA" of the App Store ready for controllers… Whenever it is that they launch.


Bastion ($4.99) and Walking Dead (Free) are both fantastic games which you probably already own, if not, you should get on that- Especially if you plan on picking up an iOS 7 game controller, whenever it is that they actually launch.

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