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Rayark’s Upcoming 3D Action Game ‘Implosion’ Looks Really, Really Good

If you like 3D action games with snazzy visuals, prepare to hang on to your butt. I just came across the trailer for Implosion, an upcoming mobile game from Rayark Games (makers of the excellent rhythm game Cytus ($1.99) on iOS) that was just announced at Tokyo Game Show last week, and it’s definitely hitting all the right notes for me. Crazy, futuristic setting? Check. Mech-like characters with bad ass weaponry? Check. Gigantic, scary-looking enemies? Check. Implosion has a lot going for it. Have a look at the trailer for yourself.

Implosion looks like it could be the Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden type action game I’ve been craving on iOS, and I’m eager to learn more. For one, I’d like to know how the game controls, as that’s super important in these fast action type of games. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be waiting until sometime in 2014 to get our hands on Implosion, but we’ll be keeping close tabs on it until then and in the meantime check out our forums and toss it on your TouchArcade (Free) Watch List to keep in the loop.