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‘Pandemic: The Board Game’ Heading to iPad October 3rd

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Fans of the physical board game Pandemic have reason to celebrate as developer Z-Man Games has announced that a digital version of the game will be hitting iPads on October 3rd, Polygon reports. Pandemic, the board game version, originally came out in 2008 and has been wildly successful. Similar to games like Plague, Inc. ($0.99) and Pandemic 2.5 ($0.99), the board game of Pandemic tasks you and up to 3 other players with successfully stopping a series of deadly outbreaks before they wipe out all of humanity.

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The iPad version of Pandemic: The Board Game will feature 7 different character roles to play as, a solo campaign or pass-n-play for local multiplayer with 2-4 players, three different difficulty levels, and an interactive tutorial to get you acquainted with your world-saving duties. Pandemic: The Board Game seems like a perfect fit for an iPad game, and we’ll be looking forward to its launch on October 3rd.


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