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Capcom Announces New Mobile RPG ‘Blade Fantasia’ For Japan

Man, this week is not a good one if you’re a mobile RPG fan not living in Japan. First, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Final Fantasy Agito makes it outside of Japan, and now Capcom is getting in on the Japan-exclusive mobile RPG bandwagon with their newly-announced Blade Fantasia, Polygon reports. Check out the non-English trailer.

Blade Fantasia is set to launch on September 26th in Japan, and as per an article in Famitsu the team behind it has had a part in both the Breath of Fire and Devil May Cry series. Polygon reached out to Capcom to see if there were any plans for a Western release of Blade Fantasia, and were told it has “not been confirmed for the West." At least that’s not a flat-out “no" right? We’ll let you know if anything changes regarding a US release.