TA Plays: ‘Where’s My Water? 2’ – Swampy Returns, This Time With An Energy Meter

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The Disney aisle in the App Store is absolutely loaded with Where’s My games, ranging from the O.G. Swampy looking for water, to Perry, to Mickey Mouse himself. Well, Where’s My Water? 2 (Free) is a competent sequel as far as we can tell, and while the energy system and free to play elements initially seem fairly off-putting, we play for close to a half hour actively trying to hit the paywall without success.

Check it out:

I say definitely give this game a look. The Where’s My games are always fun, the free to play elements aren’t obnoxious, and it seems like if you don’t mind linking up your Facebook the game is pretty A-OK when it comes to just being a fun puzzler.

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