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‘Feed Me Oil 2’ and ‘Find the Line’ in the Pipeline from Chillingo

At Gamescom over the weekend, Chillingo was showing off a trio of upcoming mobile titles. We already talked about Bloodstroke earlier this week, the upcoming action game from director John Woo, but they’ve also got a very interesting new puzzle game in the works as well as a sequel to one of the App Store’s most popular titles from a couple of years ago. First up is a puzzle game called Find the Line from developer Stigol which tasks you with adjusting a picture made up of simple, brightly colored lines so that everything aligns properly to create a recognizable picture. It’s hard to explain, but should make sense after you check out the trailer.

Find the Line really gives me a Blueprint 3D vibe in the way you touch and drag across the screen to move the lines until they’re just right and create a proper picture. Here, though, you’re able to select which specific lines you want to move, so I could see the puzzle element being more complex than Blueprint. There will also be a level editor so you can create your own puzzle pictures, and I’m really digging the visuals and music in Find the Line which seems to give a very calm and peaceful atmosphere to the game. Look for it to drop in the App Store sometime this year.

Next up is a game that likely doesn’t need any introduction at all. The original Feed Me Oil launched back in mid-2011 and instantly rocketed up the charts. It was a puzzle game that tasked you with diverting oil from a spigot using all kinds of different tactics like fans, moving platforms, magnets and more, ultimately with the oil ending up in the “mouth" of a giant creature who is part of the level’s environment. Feed Me Oil 2 as you can imagine takes the same core concepts and adds new levels and lots of new elements to help you divert your flow of oil into the hungry creatures’ maws.

As you probably noticed from the trailer, Feed Me Oil 2 is also quite a big visual upgrade over the original, while still keeping the same charm that the first game had. It will come equipped with 60 new levels to complete across 4 worlds, including new puzzles that take place underwater which should shake up the whole feel of the usual physics system. I’m stoked to check out Feed Me Oil 2, and Chillingo and developer Holy Water Games plan on unleashing the title to the masses sometime in Q3 of this year.