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EA and Mythic Rebooting ‘Dungeon Keeper’ for Mobile this Winter

EA and Mythic have announced that they’re unleashing a mobile reboot of the cult-classic ’90s strategy title Dungeon Keeper for iOS and Android devices this winter. As was the case with the original Dungeon Keeper, you’ll be tasked with creating an underground dungeon lair outfitted with all manner of traps and monsters which you’ll use to keep out pesky hero types. The mobile iteration will include the ability to infiltrate your friends’ dungeons and test how durable their own defenses are. Here’s a whole bunch of screens (click to enlarge ’em):


dk-2 dk-3 dk-4

dk-5 dk-6 dk-7

No further details have been released for Dungeon Keeper on mobile, but based on the screens I’m definitely liking the visual style and humor on display. The thought of busting up a buddy’s dungeon also sounds very cool. Being EA though, there’s a high chance this will be free-to-play, and we’ll have to wait and see just how that may or may not affect the experience. I’m looking forward to it at any rate, so join in on the discussion in our forums and we’ll keep you in the loop when more details on Dungeon Keeper for iOS and Android surface.