‘Ridiculous Fishing’ Gets New Items, New Fish and More in First Content Update

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831815_largerOne of the best releases this year has been Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99), and it’s pretty much my go-to recommendation when anybody asks me about good games for their iPhone. It was a “ridiculously" complete package when we reviewed the game in March, but as we learned back in June a big update was in the works which looked to flesh things out even further.

Today that update arrived for Ridiculous Fishing, with the flagship feature being the ability to cut your line early if you so desire. That’s right, the “walk of shame" you used to be forced to take if you accidentally snagged a fish when you meant to keep diving down is no longer a requirement if you buy the new Knife from The Store. Of course, I think that sort of thing builds character, but if you want to take the easy way out then that’s your prerogative, buddy.

Besides the Knife there are some other new items in the Store to dump some money into, and the endless Maelstrom level has been remixed a bit with new fish and fish patterns. This includes Friend Fishes which are special fish that represents your Game Center friends’ high scores, so you can show off that you beat your buddy by catching their fish.

Finally, the option to play your own music in the game is available. Why you would want to listen to anything other than the awesome soundtrack is anybody’s guess, but hey, it’s always nice to have options. There are also rumored to be some additional secrets, so if you beat Ridiculous Fishing to death a few months back be sure to give the latest update a thorough spin.

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