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Punch a Guy Over a Train in the ‘Man of Steel’ Mobile Game, Coming June 14th

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manofsteellogoThere’s yet another new Superman movie heading to theaters this month and Warner Bros. has teamed up with Phosphor Games Studio to release a mobile movie tie-in game to coincide with the movie’s release. Like the movie, the game is called Man of Steel and features swipe-based brawling similar to Warner Bros.’ previous Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free) mobile game, or on the other side of the comic spectrum, similar to Marvel’s Avengers Initiative ($1.99) mobile title. At least, that’s the impression I get from the following trailer, which shows some fisticuff action on both the ground and air.

Man of Steel is set to release alongside the movie next week, on June 14th. It will come in two flavors on iOS, an iPhone version for $2.99 and an “HD" version for the iPad weighing in at $4.99. If another comic book character touchscreen brawler is something that interests you, then throw it on your TouchArcade (Free) app Watch List to get an alert when the game lands next week.

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