‘Golf Star’ Update Lets You Play With Friends Easily

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079155_larger-2Well this is good news, Golf Star (Free) just got a decently sized new update, and amongst some cool features for good players, like increasing the level cap to 60, and the introduction of winning streaks for bonus prizes, you can finally suck at virtual golf with your closest friends.

For the uninformed, Golf Star is Com2Us’s attempt at a quality free-to-play golfing simulation. With most of the market taken up by Tiger Woods 12 ($0.99) and the totally-not-trying-to-be-hot-shots Lets Golf 3 (Free)Golf Star faces an uphill climb for players and relevancy. A climb that, if you ask me, it has tackled splendidly well. As someone who digs the game of golf, but hates the bloviating nature of the Tiger Woods titles and the lets-throw-physics-out-the-window gameplay of Lets Golf 3, Golf Star hits a balance between quality simulation and accessibility.


Finally being able to invite friends to a match, however, is the icing on the proverbial cake. Previously, across both Golf Star and Lets Golf 3, it was surprisingly complicated to play a game against a carefully chosen opponent. You’d have to either join a multi-person tournament on the off chance you’re tossed into a game with your friend in Golf Star, or create a tournament, play it, then wait for your friend to complete it so you could compare scores. Not, exactly, intuitive.

So it’s with many kudos (wrapped in a “took you long enough") that I’m excited to play golf with my friends, on mobile, finally. All one of them. If you wanna hit the links, Golf Star is free, and despite being free-to-play, I’ve yet to run into a situation where I wasn’t allowed to play anymore due to timer-related B.S, and I’ve been playing pretty solidly for a few weeks. Feel free to drop me a line – I’m ANTVGM64 on there.

CORRECTION: OK, so, it turns out you’re not actively playing realtime multiplayer against your friends, but rather online AI battles against them and their golfer statistics. It works well enough that it fooled us though, and that counts for something. Definitely check out Golf Star if you haven’t already.

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