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Here’s A Trailer For ‘Final Fantasy Tactics S’

Well, that was fast. Final Fantasy Tactics S, that free-to-play version of FFT we noted was a thing a few weeks ago, is out now in Japan across iOS and Android. Square Enix has released a Japanese trailer for the game — a trailer that shows off some battles, a lot of characters, and a sweet hand-drawn art style.

As the previous signage for the game indicated, and the trailer mentions as well, this is a Mobage release. We’re still kinda in the dark about where the pay walls and usual F2P silliness is located, but fingers crossed that it stays well out of the way of a solid, methodical strategy game experience.

No word on a worldwide release for FFTS, by the way, but it seems pretty safe to assume it’ll make its way over everywhere eventually.

[via Joystiq]