‘World of Aircraft’ Takes Bad Tutorials to New Heights

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904067_largerI accidently recommended the endearingly terrible World Of Aircraft , (Free) to a very good friend, and I kinda feel okay about it. I was…blinded by ambition. In an effort to make a good impression here at TouchArcade, I gobbled up World of Aircraft with gusto and told my friends about it sight-unseen. I should have figured something was fishy when noticing the release notes’ less than familiar association with spelling, grammar and punctuation marks. However, it is safe to say that World of Aircraft’s tutorial level is the most unintentionally hilarious use of the English language in a video game since “All your base are belong to us”. The icing on the cake? The Tommy Wiseau level enthusiasm for its misappropriated text.

The game itself doesn’t seem that bad, if maybe hastily produced. You control a plane with swipes on the left, and on the right you get a sniper shot, shotgun shot, and machine gun for your dogfighting needs. The control is decent, diving can feel a bit loose, and there’s no way to loop around your enemy ala Star Fox, your only evasive maneuver being a dramatic high altitude shift activated via a double tap on the right of your screen. But, World of Aircraft certainly has the potential to be a fun little diversion to be enjoyed ironically. Or if you believe the folks on the forums, it’s objectively bad – to which I say, a little junk food never hurt anyone.

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But, guys, no one seems to be playing it. I have yet to get into a multiplayer game, and have found no one willing to brave the slam poetry of the tutorial. I can’t say with much authority that this is .99 cents well spent, but somehow I doubt you’ll regret it, and if enough folks buy it, maybe some of us who have already (accidently) purchased the game, can play too. As long as the developer games promises to never hire a translator, they may just gained a lifelong fan.

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