TA Plays: ‘Trucker: Parking Simulator’ – Parking Like A Boss

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470040_largerWe know what you’re thinking, but give Trucker: Parking Simulator (Free) a chance. Parking a massive truck with a stupid big trailer can be as rewarding as landing a video game airplane. It takes a lot of skill, a lot of understanding of how physics, momentum, and trajectory play into the perfect parking job. It’s kinda surprising (and awesome), as Eli and I discovered today.

This sim’s a particularly hard sale because the titling is so awful, so we decided to do a little video of the game in action to show it off. In the below, Eli and I power through several levels, carefully avoiding all road cones and parking like pros. Give it a look and, hey, maybe get as hooked on this thing as we are at the moment:

You can grab this right now, by the way, and you should if you need another simulator in your life. Here’s a Steam link to Eurotruck Simulator 2 for PC, as well, since we talked about it so much.

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