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Gameloft Reveals New ‘Gangstar Vegas’ Teaser

If you fancy yourself an open world crime game aficionado, this week is just filled with good news for you. First, Grand Theft Auto Vice City went on sale for $1.99, and now Gameloft is revealing a new teaser for the upcoming Gangstar Vegas. Give it a look:

If you’ve been in the iOS scene for a while, you know how this dog and pony show plays out in that Gameloft posts a vague trailer, everyone speculates what the game is going to be like, and after a few more tidbits get drizzled out the game appears for download anywhere from a few weeks to a month-ish later. Regardless, given how Gameloft’s last two games (Dungeon Hunter 4 (Free) and Iron Man 3 (Free)) have had their IAP implemented, I’m curious to see how this new version of Gangstar shakes out.