TouchArcade is Currently Dominating Four of the Top Ten ‘Fish Out of Water’ Leagues

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While I’m not sure the opinion of our forums could be more split on how our community feels about Halfbrick’s recently released Fish Out of Water ($0.99) one thing is for sure: We’re absolutely stomping the in-game leaderboards. See, the way competing with others works in the game is by joining a “league" which then competes in some kind of cumulative score black majiks to compute an overall leaderboard.

The “TouchArcade" league was full by the time the game hit the US App Store, but it seems people have taken it upon themselves to just increment the number behind “TouchArcade," forming leagues “TouchArcade1," “TouchArcade2," and others… And we’re doing quite well it’d seem, per Halfbrick’s twitter:

I feel like we need to somehow intelligently re-organize our existing leagues to either put all the best players in one, or, at least equally distribute them across multiple leagues to ensure total leaderboard domination. But, hey, we’re beating Halfbrick proper, Reddit, Bacon, and apparently the entirety of the People’s Republic of China… So I guess that’s pretty good.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

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