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Coming Tonight: GRL Games Amps Up Their Card Catalog With ‘Rocket Patrol’

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Back at GDC, we got all up in GRL Games’ latest card game, Rocket Patrol. It’s coming out this evening, and as we described it before, the game is a turn-based strategy game that’s just dripping with retro sci-fi charm. Like most card games, it’s easier to just get an idea of what to do by watching someone else play it:

Of course GRL Games has also uploaded their own trailer, if you’re interested in a little more “official" tease of the game. Definitely check this one out when it comes out tonight, it’s even free which just serves to sweeten the deal even further- Especially when it’s from a developer who has put out such great titles in the past.

Forum Thread: [NZ] Rocket Patrol by GRL Games
International App Store Link: Rocket Patrol, Free

Rocket Patrol should be available on the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially much earlier if you’re in a region east of the USA. To be alerted when the game is available, open this story in the TouchArcade App (Free) and add it to your watch list. A little after 11:00 PM tonight you’ll get a push alert with the download link.


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