‘Real Racing 3’ Updated with Chevy Vehicles, New Events, iCloud Saves and More

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Last week we told you that a new update was heading to Real Racing 3 (Free) which added two new vehicles from Chevrolet, a new “Hunter" mode, and more than 100 new events to play through. Today that update has gone live in the App Store.

If you hang around TouchArcade with any kind of regularity then you should be familiar with Real Racing 3. It’s the third entry in the popular racing sim series that has made hugely positive waves with its jaw-dropping visuals and presentation, but has also made waves in the opposite direction with its decision to be free-to-play rather than a premium title.

Where you fall on the whole pay model drama largely depends on your own personal preference and gaming habits. If you just want to jump in and take part in a few races throughout your day then Real Racing 3 is an impressive experience on your phone that you’ll likely never feel the need to throw any money at at all. If you want to sit down and spend hours with the game at a time, well, you pretty much can’t without doling out premium currency in some way.

Anyway, if you’re among those who have been enjoying Real Racing 3 since its launch last February then you’ll want to give this new update a look for the new vehicles and events. If you don’t enjoy Real Racing 3 then there’s nothing here that’s going to change your mind, but at the very least if you haven’t given the game a try it’s worth the free download to check it out.

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